A place to visit with friends, drink good coffee and eat fabulous baked goods! Experience the joy of a locally-sourced Café.
Meet Our Team​​
  1. Chocolate Inspired
    Joy Allgood
    For 20 years Joy's hobby has been catering desserts for friends and family. With her love of chocolate, cream and butter, our sweet creations have that superior taste that can only be found with natural ingredients.
  2. Judith Holditch
    Judith grew up with the rich variety of fresh food found in Norfolk and loved every bit of it. Coming home after ten years on the prairies, she has developed a taste for high quality tea and coffee to keep her warm.
  3. Stunningly Beautiful
    Anna Allgood
    Anna is all about passion in life! Whether it is her love of caffeine or her cats, she brings her expertise and flare to the table. Her passion drives her to be green and give back to local charities such as Norfolk's Purrfect Companions.