A place to visit with friends, drink good coffee and eat fabulous baked goods! Experience the joy of a locally-sourced Café.

Upcoming Celebrations

Whether it is a national holiday or just a day dedicated to a local charity, we are always up for special celebration baking!
  1. July 31
    Happy Birthday J.K. Rowling
    Come celebrate with us our favourite magical author.
  2. August 6th
    Civic Holiday
    Closed for the long weekend.
  3. August 13th
    International Left Handers Day
    It is the 29th annual Left Handers Day!
  4. September 3rd
    Labour Day
    We will be closed for labour day.
  5. August 18th
    Closed for Renos
    Our bathroom needs a makeover, so we are closing for the day to make that possible.